Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 34 -- Aloe Drinks and Liver, oh my!

I'm glad Brie had a fun birthday party.  No mail delivery this week from the mission office, so hopefully I'll have mail next week!

1. What did you do for P-Day this week?
Absolutely nothing. Nobody wnated to do anything as a district so we didn't do anything... I cleaned, washed clothes, tanned outside, watched "The Mountain of the Lord" (a church video) and we went grocery shopping and now we are here.... so exciting! 

2. How is your piano student doing?  What songs are you working on with her?
She's doing pretty well. She's about to pass off her first song! She is learning "There is a Green Hill Far Away," "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet," and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" out of the simplified hymn book. It's been hard to learn the vocab and apparently they don't call the notes  A B C... they are do re mi fa.... so I have to learn all the notes that way so I can teach them to her... but she's doing well. She already knew how to read the music which is good! The only bad thing is that people here tend to be tone deaf and so she doesn't hear when she makes mistakes

3.  How was church yesterday?  Did any of your less active members come to church?
Church was actually pretty good and we had five Menos Activos (less active members) there! I was so dang happy.  :) At first there was only one and then others came in late and it was just like waiting for investigators, lol. We didn't have the Gospel Principles class because there were no investigators, not even from the elders, so we went to the normal Gospel Doctrine (Sunday School) class and it was so weird to be in normal Sunday School after all this time of having Gospel Principles class, lol. I think I prefer the tiny class with investigators. 

4.  Are you getting to know your less active members better?  How is Gloria doing?
Gloria is doing great! She's so sweet and so happy! She came to church on Sunday and her son passed the sacrament last week.  :) Hna Catalina (the mom of Kildre and Alfredo) has not had her heart softened... it's more that she just really can't understand things and it's frustrating, but she's stubborn. She is always willing to listen to us and is very sweet but because she can't or won't understand she and her kids can't progress... 

5.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers?  
Well, this week was a lot of walking and more walking.... so after walking for a significant amount of time this week out of nowhere this guy was like, "Hey Hermanas!"  And we usually don't pay attention to people like that, but we both turned and we went to takl to this guy. Turns out he was an old investigator of the elders and he didn't get baptized but his friend did and now he wants us to keep visiting him... so after walking around for forever and praying that we would find somebody or that someone would be home, we walked by this house at the exact time that this guy was standing outside and when he called to us we both turned around... so yeah, I'd say that was an answer to a prayer because somebody found us really. So hopefully we will be able to teach him this week and things will go well. 

6.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?
We got invited to eat a lot more times this week which was a huge blessing. Really, the elders here get all the appointments so when somebody invites us over to eat it's great! 

7.  What was the best thing that happened this week?
Playing Ninja... see number 9

8.  Tell me about your happiest moment this week.
I feel like this is the same as the question above... (Note from Mom:  I need some new questions!)
9.  What was the funnest/funniest thing that happened this week?
Well, after our district meeting this week we had a ton of time left.... so we played games like normal but then we ran out of games until someone suggested that we play Ninja. I have not played that game in SOOO long! But it was so dang fun, haha! I didn't win any rounds but it was still way fun and interesting to try and teach it to Latinos... 

10.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week?
Well, it might be a little sad... So Hna C goes to bed really really early sometimes because she gets sick or is tired. So she went to bed at 8:20 the other day and I had nothing to do and it's just been really really hard, so I went outside and just cried. And I just prayed that I would feel better and then out of nowhere I just stopped crying. Like I didn't feel like it anymore and I just felt like I needed to stop thinking about myself and stop throwing a pity party and that I should do something nice for Hna C. So I wrote her a really sweet little note and put it on her mirror so she would find it in the morning. So the next day, she found it and said that the night before she had prayed for a lot of things and she felt like the note that I wrote her was a message from God and that He had spoken to her through me. It was just really crazy because I had been so sad and focused on myself, but when we do take the time to think about other people we can bless their lives in so many ways and we may never even know, but the Lord uses us to help His children. 

11.  Were you able to do any service this week?
Yes. We washed somebody's clothes. Which is really not my thing.... I already don't like touching or wearing other people's clothes but then to wash them when I don't know where they've been or what they have been doing is just a little bit gross. But service is service and so we washed clothes. 

12.  What did you learn from your personal study this week?  Where are you at in the Old Testament?  In other reading?
I finished "Jesus the Christ" again this week. I also started to really do the lesson plan things that I had asked for the binder for. That's actually been really cool to see how much information, how much one could teach about even the tiniest principio del evangelio (principle of the gospel). But I have been reading a lot in the Old Testament. I read Esther and I always love her example. I really like the Mormon Messages video that talks about her (it's called Valor in Spanish and I don't know what it's called in English). And I fininshed Job. I really liked Job 5:17-18. Because really we should all be grateful for our trials because they're a sign that God loves us and that He is just helping us become who He wants us to become and if we can really be grateful for these trials and understand why we have them, the purpose, then we will be happy. And I'm still working on this one so I know that it's really hard. And I really like Job 4:3-5 because as missionaries we preach and talk to people all day long. We always have words of encouragement, but then when it comes to be our turn to face something hard, some trial or dificulty, do we take our own advice? Are we truly converted to the words of comfort we give or are we just saying them because they sound nice? I don't amissionary I feel like I can be a little better at this, too, and that I can truly take the words I say to other people to heart to comfort me. I don't know if those make sense, lol, but we have to believe and have a testimony of what we teach first. And there was an example of Ezra in the scriptures too, honestly I read it at the beginnning of the week so I don't remember it very well since I study a lot, but I have written down that If we are righteous then we will gain the respect and trust of other people and will be blessed. So apparently I liked that when I read it.

13.  Do you know that I love you SO much and I miss you?

14.  What has been the most beautiful thing you’ve seen this week?
We were walking in a part of our area and I looked up and there was this HUGE cloud! And it was so dang pretty! Like somone could have taken a picture of it for a calender or something but I don't walk around with my camera so I couldn't take a picture of it.  :( But it wa big and white and the sky was so blue!!!! 

15.  Did anything unusual or strange happen this week?
Well, I did write down some things that are really weird. I know someone who puts birth control pills in her shampoo because she is convinced that it makes her hair grow longer... she legitimately has an obsession with growing out her hair. People here also eat tortillas with EVERYTHING. Gloria gave us some Chinese noodles this week with what? Tortillas! And guess what? I found it easier to eat the noodles with a tortilla than with my fork! Que Barbaridad! I ate cow liver this week, too... it wasn't bad but I don't know that I would choose to eat it again. And I found some aloe vera drinks that are SUPER good! I have now had 2, aloe vera with peach and the other with pineapple.

16.  What are you most looking forward to this coming week?
I really don't know... we don't have anything exciting going on.

17.  What did Pres Dester have to say this week?
That he could tell at zone conference that I didn't look like I looked at the last change... that I didn't look happy. He said that he really could just tell and he talked about how we really should have investigators and just because we work with less active members doesn't mean that we shouldn't have them.... so yeah, got to work on finding people to teach.

18.  Has it been rainy this week?
Nope. There are lots of clouds so the weather tends to be bipolar. One minute it's sunny and blistering hot and the next there's a huge cloud and it's nice outside. But really the weather is nice from 4 in the afternoon and on so I can't complain. but I guess the rains really start to come in June....but that's what everyone said about May so vamos a ver (we shall see).

19.  Looking back over the last seven months, how do you think you have changed so far on your mission?
I think that really deep down I am still me, but I think that I really have been refined poco a poco (little by little) to be more open, to love people more, to accept help (sometimes). I have realized and come to know that people really are the most important thing!  That a mission is not defined by the number of baptisms. I have changed to see how I can contribute to the work as a member.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I really feel important as a member of this church and I have learned my responsibility. I think that I am definitely proving to myself each day how tough I am and that I really can do difficult things. I think that I have been humbled (I still have a long way to go) to accept the Lord's will for me and not mine. My will is easy, but the Lord's will is better. 

20.  What steps are you taking to become “the Fourth Missionary”?  How can we help you with that?
I don't really know... I'm still just working right now on trying not to be baggy (homesick). Hna C and I have talked about it and it's something about this place that just makes people baggy....maybe it's because we have both been here for sooo long or because Elder B talked baggy and he left today or, well, I don't really know. So I'm trying to enjoy the moment and not think about what I want but to really put all that stuff on a mental shelf and just put it aside. 

Well, this is long and I really don't have anything else to say...
I just creeped on my blog because Hna B bahr told me that she read it, haha, and thanks for adding titles to my entries and for making me sound exciting!
Oh, could someone send me Peach Buds candy for my birthday...ants got to them before I did. Also I would really love a new bottom sheet. Remember how we didn't buy one with elastic...I don't mean to complain and I hate to ask for things because people here have nothing, but I really would like a bottom sheet with elastic so I dont have to tie knots on the corners to keep it on my mattress. And if you coud find a material that's easy to wash, like that's super silky and even if it's super cheap and flimsy....because the sheets I have are a pain to handwash and yeah....  I really don't like asking for things but a new sheet would be great.

I love you all! 


A picture of our zone with Pres and Sis. Dester

Aloe Drinks

My machete

Coyoles -- a really weird fruit that is kind of like a nut...very hard to eat.  But the syrup is good.

A park in our area

A Mototaxi

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 33 -- The Lord Asks For Our All

I got a letter from Grace Clark this week -- thank you!

Now that I've finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish, I am going to read it in Engish again, but I am going to read the Doctirne & Covenants in Spanish. 

I teach a piano lesson roughly every 4 to 5 days to a young woman in the ward named Rosillo. I think she's like 12 years old. She already know how to read music and I am just teaching her how to play hymns out of the easy hymnbook but it's actually hard just because I have no idea what the Spanish vocabulary is for piano stuff...but she has some kind of theory book that I have been using to pick up's coming along. 

I LOVED watching the movie 17 Miracles! It was actually super good!  Maybe that just means that I have been on the mission for too long and dont remember what real movies are like, lol. But I just feel so cool to have a relative that was so legit! (Our family is related to Levi Savage through Alyssa's Grandma Cherril). But really, it made me think a lot. Those people (the pioneers) literally died just to go to church, just for the opportunity to be close to the temple and to be with the Saints. They gave up everything. I was thinking that the Lord, today, doesn't ask us to walk thousands of miles. He doesn't ask us to walk through the snow wiith a handcart. He doesn't ask us to bury our children along the trail. But He is still asking for our ALL, and if we aren't giving that then we are failing and we, to be frank, need to do a little better. Is it too much, really? 

1.  How was church yesterday?  Did any of your investigators or less active members attend?  Did you learn anything neat at church yesterday?
We literally don't have any investigators right now.... so that sucks and we need to do something about that. We did, however, have 2 menos activos (less active members) at church which made us super happy! But unfortunately others couldn't come. I liked how one of the speakers at church talked about integrity and he gave an example of a young man who went to some party or something and the guys there were trying to make him drink and he said that he wouldn't. Then a quite large guy came up and said that everyone was going to drink and that if he wouldn't drink the beer, he would leaving wearing it on his coat. And the young man said, well I have already told you that I won't drink it. I have come in here with a clean conscience and a clean jacket. I am willing to walk out with a dirty jacket, but I will not walk out with a dirtied conscience. I really like that. Integrity really should be part of who we really are! 

2.  Are you getting to know your investigators and less actives better?  How are K and A doing?  And how about G?  Are there specific things we can pray for for your investigators and less active members?
Well....we went to visit K and A and their rmom has kind of returned to her apostacy because she doesn't undestand doing work for the dead and we tried to explain but she's doesn't undertand and she can't read and she has been Catholic for a while now and so that was hard. She told us that she won't let her kids get baptized now.... so we have to keep working with her more so she can understand. G is the sweetest lady! She is very humble...they don't even have electricity in her house. She is just happy all the time and last night she made baleadas for us and we got to help her tortillar (make tortillas) which was fun and I am really improving on my tortilla making skills! I think you can just pray that we will find people or that the menos activos we have will be touched by the Sprit to change. 

3.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers?  

I don't know this week...I write them down in my journal every day but right now I can't remember. 

4.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?
In our district meetnig this week Elder Bryce gave some capacitation (lesson) about the Book of Mormon and he gave us 30 seconds to just think about our own conversion story with the Book of Mormon. How we came to know it was true. The moment, perhaps, that God answered our prayers and told us that it was true. I really took those 30 seconds to heart which maybe sounds lame but as I was just thinking about my experiences with the Book of Mormon I just felt again that the Book of Mormon is true! I encourage you all to take a few minutes to really think about your experiences with the Book of Mormon (and if you aren't members, well.... think about your experiences with the Bible or -- even better -- you could try reading the Book of Mormon!) and pay attentino to what you feel. It was just really nice because it's not often I guess that in our meetings they really ask us to ponder or think about stuff..... which maybe is bad, lol, but really in the moments of silent pondering, we can feel the Spirit testify the truth of these things to us. 

5.  How were the Copan Ruinas today?  Did you buy your machete?  Did the elders make it fun?
I did buy my machete! It was fun. I got to hang out with Hna P and Hna Miller and it was so fun! We have all been before so we just went around and had fun and were crazy and took funny pictures, haha!  But Hna P takes really good pictures. It was just a really fun day. And of course the elders made it fun and I refer to this also in number 7. Elders are just way funner than it's just the truth. 

6.  What was the best thing that happened this week?
Probably Zone Conference becasue we got to see everyone and they fed us lunch and there were cake bars that tasted like America! And President Dester showed us that video from Easter that you told me to watch and it was sooo gooood!

7.  What was the funnest/funniest thing that happened this week?  
We went to Copan Ruinas and the bus rides are always funny because I get to talk to Elder Scott and the other elders who are just so dang funny and then I got to spend the day with Hna M and Hna P and we were just goofy so that was way fun! 

8.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week?  
We had a Zone Conference this week so President Dester came and the Assistants to the President. It was really, really, good, but I always love when I get to see President Dester. I noticed a few themes that they talked about, namely faith and goal setting. I really realized that I have faith in God (obviously or I wouldn't be here) but I think that after being in Copan for so long, I have lost faith in the people and maybe in the Lord's  power to change people. I just haven't seen (or maybe I haven't looked hard enough) true change in people due to the gospel which is terrible on my part.... I just haven't had that opportunity like other people have. And I really think that I need to work more on my faith. And especially that people can and will change and that I really am here for a reason. Also they talked about goals and meeting them. Like a goal doesn't mean anything if there isn't a plan to follow through with it. So we can say all day that we are going to contact people or that we will have 10 lessons con miembro (with members present) or that we want to focus on being more happy, but until we have concrete plans to meet these goals, nothing will happen. I honestly think that I was better at goal setting before the mission which is a little sad... but I need to focus on doing better at that. He shared with us the vision for the mission, too, and that was cool to see how we are progressing as a mission! 

9.  Were you able to do any service this week?  
We helped make baleadas but then we ate them so I don't know if that counts as service. 

10.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? 

You asked this question twice.... 

11.  Tell me about one of the lessons you taught this week. 

Well... we have been working with menos activos a lot... so we generally get there and share either a Mormon Message with them or a passage from the scriptures. We really try to listen to the people and help them.12. What was your happiest moment this week?
Copan Ruinas with Hnas M and P.

13.  Do you know that I love you SO much and I miss you?

14. What has been the most beautiful thing you’ve seen this week?
The new ruins! Or at least the ruins that I haven't seen before even thought they were tiny. We (Hna M, Hna P and I) felt cool because we were the only ones to find them so we felt really hipster. 

15.  Did anything unusual or strange happen this week?  What kinds of things happen that we might think are unusual that have become ordinary to you? 

I am used to seeing animals in the street, I'm used to seeing mud houses without lights and unpaved roads... I don't's just normal to me now. I'm used to not eating witha fact, it's easier to eat with my hands, haha! I'm used to bugs and dirty water.... 

16.  What are you most looking forward to this coming week? 

I really don't know to be honest.... Elder B goes home this week which really bums me out because he is so funny. But I think I am just excited to have baleadas with a family this week! So that will be fun. 
17. What did Pres Dester have to say this week?
He asked if there were things we did differently in Santa Rosa that we aren't doing here, or if we had a different focus. He asked me to look at the things we are perhaps not doing or doing differently to help me see where I might be getting discouraged. I don't know if that makes made sense in the email. But to just think about really why this change is different.... I don't know, I still dont know that I feel that much better but such is life. 

18. How much does it rain in an average day?
It really hasnt rained that much this week which is good. But it has sprinkled  a little bit but it really hasn't been too bad. 

19. What are you on in your personal study right now, and what stood out to you this week?  
I am reading 2 Chronicles.  There was a part that I read yesterday and the people donated everything they had with a willing heart to the temple. And Solomon asked them if they were willing to consecrate themselves to the work (or something like that) and I really liked that since Pres Dester asked us to read "The Consecrated Missionary" again before our conference and just that we really do need to give everything we have to the Lord and we need to do it wil a willing heart or it doesn't mean anything. 

20.  Have you heard how J and any of your investigators from your last area are doing? J is doing great!!! He was going to go on a vacation to Nicaragua and Hna V was really scared actually, or worried for him, but then he said the Spirit told him not to go! And so he didn't! And he's super pilas still and going to church every week.  :) And yeah, I don't know about any others but Sandra wrote me a note this week and I felt really loved! 

Can you send me some Epiduo if you an find it? And Mio.... 

And some things that I would like if you could look for them for after the mission is leather cases for my Spanish scriptures and a Honduran cookbook.... 

I ate a ton of food this week.... we had 3 food appointments yesterday. I ate soooo much food!!!! I can eat like a man! 

Pres Dester told me that Hna Dester reads my blog so shuotout to Hna Dester!!!! 

Love you all! Thank you so much for all of the love and support you give me! 

Hna Gisseman

For some reason, one of our doors has two doorknobs and you have to use both of them to open the door.

At the ruins today
With Hna P at the ruins
Goofing off with Hna M at the ruins
The ruins we discovered that we hadn't seen before
Just being goofy...
Leafcutter ants
These are not real bones....
Not real bones again

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 32 - The One Where She Cleans the Pila and Makes Tortillas

I feel like I said everything yesterday! I meant to say happy birthday to Uncle Bryan last week. So happy birthday! 

This week I got a package from Grandma and Papa (a really neat headlamp that I used when I cleaned out the pila, some jewelry from the Stylers, and some chicken) and from the Winns this week (some fun toys, a Hello Kitty headband, and some snacks). And letters from Oma, the Stylers (like 4 letters), Ashley Henderson, Aunt Holli and Jan Speroni. Thank you, everyone!  The Ruta (mail delivery from the mission office) was pretty much all for me this week.  I feel loved!
So we cleaned the pila (outdoor concrete wash basin for laundry) this week.  Let's just say there was a good amount of algae and other unknown matter growing in it.  So we drained it and the drain got cloged several times in the process because of all the junk in the water.  The water was literally brown.  We could not see the bottom of the pila even when there was only an inch of water left in it.  So then I had to get in the pila and scrub it down because my companion didn't want to.  It smelled like straight up dead fish.  It was gross.  But living in a third world country helps you man up and do things you wouldn't do otherwise.  So I got in the pila and cleaned it out!  The headlamp from Grandma came in really handy!  And we refilled it but you can't even tell because the water is murky because it's dirty just coming out of the pipes (which is why we never, ever drink it or use it to prepare food or anything like that).  Oh, third world problems....
And our bathrooms...the shower is in one bathroom (cold water, a bucket, and a hose thing for the shower), but the toilet in that bathroom can't be flushed but the toilet in the other bathroom can.  And you can only use the sink in one of the bathrooms but not the other.  Third world problems....
1.  How was church yesterday?  When do Hondurans celebrate Mother's Day?  What do they do for Mother's Day?
It was alright. I felt bad because they made a lady speak on Mother's Day who lost her baby this week.... so that was really sad. They didn't have talks that were too Mother's Day-ish. We don't really have investigators right now, but we did have some kids of menos activos (less active members) who came to church so that was good. They have a date to be baptized on the 24th so I might actually get to see baptisms here! They celebrate Mother's Day like the states do. They gave us cake and a cute flower basket full of candy.  The young women in the ward made the little baskets. 

2.  Who are some of the less actives you're working with right now?  What are the names of your two investigators?

K and A are the kids of the familia C who we are working with. I will be honest, I still don't know the people really well.... we also have a Hermana G who is coming back to church and her son turned 12 and he got the Aaronic priesthood! 

3.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers?
Last night after you talked about people not giving us food we went to a cita (apointment) and they gave us tamales and cake. So that was funny and it was really yummy.... 

4.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?
I just feel blessed when people share what they have with us. People here don't have much at all and so when they do give what they have it's really humbling. And I feel like people are always looking out for the missionaries here, even if we don't have dinner appointments.... 

5.  What did you end up doing for P-Day this week?
We just went around and window shopped because apparently nobody had money so they didn't want to do anything. So Hna C wanted to look for shirts but we didn't find any cute ones. We did Insanity workout this morning and cleaned! And now we are exciting. 

6.  What was the best thing that happened this week? (Besides Skyping with me, of course!!!)
Well, duh, it was skyping! I did finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week! I had set that goal to finish it and now I have and I feel quite accomplished and I realized how much it really did help me to better my Spanish. And I learned a lot from it and was forced to read a little bit slower and to pay attention to the details. 

7.  What was the funnest/funniest thing that happened this week?  
I think right now sitting by Elder B in the internet place is pretty dang funny....he's just telling crazy stories and just being ridiculous. 

8.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week?
We were going to leave a cita and it was POURING rain! The streets were flooded and Hna C didn't have an umbrella so we waited for a mototaxi for like 20 minutes and the time just came that we had to leave because we were going to be late. So we stepped outside and the rain almost immediately stopped. It was just sprinkling so we were able to get back to our huose without getting soaked. But after we got home it started pouring just goes to show that the Lord cares about the little things.

9.  Were you able to do any service this week?  
I teach a piano lesson....and it's quite interesting because I don't really know the vocabulary in Spanish... 

10.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? 
I finished reading about David and Solomon.  It's interesting to see how even the great ones fell into temptation.  We are never safe!  I am also reading the Sunday School manuals -- the George Albert Smith one -- and I really liked something that he said -- we can't force people to chose the right but through our love for them, we motivate them to choose the right, or something like that.  I'm reading it in Spanish.  I'm also almost done reading Jesus the Christ again.

11.  What have you learned about yourself this week?
This is strange, but I can share spiritual things better with Latinas than I can with gringas and I don't know why, lol. 

12. How has your relationship with and testimony of the Savior grown in the last couple of months?  
I think i said this a few weeks ago but just that it really hit me (or maybe last week, lol) that we really don't have to be perfect. The Savior paid the price for us and we just have to do the best we can. We WILL fall, but thanks to Him we can get back up and move on. We should always be positive and grateful. I think before I was too much of a perfectionist and I still am, but at least now I can see a little better that our Heavenly Father just wants us to return to Him so badly and for that He sent His son. And through Christ we have this hope and we shouldn't ever lose that hope even if we fall. We just have to keep going, keep having faith and do our best.
13.  What was your happiest moment this week (besides Skyping with me!)?  

Skyping with you!

14.  Do you know that I love you SO much and I miss you?

15. What has been the most beautiful thing you’ve seen this week?
You! LOL  That's so cheesy but it was just nice to see you guys. 

16.  Did anything unusual or strange happen this week?
Not really.... we did have a weird schedule. We had planning Tuesday instead of Thursday so we could have our district meeting on Thursday instead of Tuesday. And that surprisingly made the week go by that much faster. 

17.  Tell me about a time you felt the Spirit this week.
This is the same question as tell me a spiritual highlight.... 

18.  How was the bread you ate last night at that member's house?
It was actually really good. It was kind of like cornbread....bread here is kind of dense, but still good. And guess what, we ate it with pinol! And it was delicious....I'm pretty sure pinol is just a Mormon coffee here, lol.

19.  What did you do for exercise this morning?
INSANITY! and it was hard... 

20.  What are you most looking forward to this coming week?
We are going to watch the church movie 17 Miracles with the branch this week so I am really excited for that and next Monday we are going to Copan Ruinas again (my 4th time) and I am going to buy a machete!!! 

21.  A lot of missionaries get robbed in Honduras -- have you been robbed? 
I have not been robbed. 

Yeah, this week isn't too exciting either.... sorry.... 
Love you!
Hermana Gisseman
Thanks for the headlamp, Grandma and Papa!
Cleaning the pila

Love the fun stuff from the Winns...

Mother's Day goodies they gave us at church....
Making tortillas in our kitchen
I make tortillas as good as any Latina!  (The Hondurans told me so!)
I did a crooked braid...
El Dorado