Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 6

(Beginning this week, Alyssa's P-Day (and thus e-mail day) will change to Monday, so look for blog updates on Mondays or Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.  This was also Alyssa's last week in the Mexico CCM (Missionary Training Center) -- she flies to Honduras tomorrow!!)

Okay, I did get the package with the card reader in it, but I didn´t get the package that you sent on Monday...I don´t know why you sent it so soon, lol. Hopefully they will forward it or send it back so you can send it again. I don´t know...I also got the package with socks and candy on Friday (but from how you talked it seemed like the color remover one was a separate package)

1.       What will you miss the most about the MTC? I will miss being with my district. I have become such close friends with them--especially the hermanas and Hermana B. Today was weird because not all of us were in class. It just seems like we were all meant to be a family here. 

2.       What are you most looking forward to in Honduras? Just being able to actually experience a different culture. The CCM still feels like America since we all pretty much speak English. 

3.       What is your absolute favorite MTC memory? I don´t know... There are too many good ones. I won´t forget our elders playing invisible ball or how Hermana B everything on her imaginary friend Victoria. Like the door shuts by itself--Geez Victoria! I don't know... it´s really funny. I have really enjoyed devotionals, too.

4.       What do you think was the biggest thing you learned in the MTC that will help you the most on your mission? Being able to see the things that I am not good at. Also Hermana V showed us a binder from her mission and she went through every point in each lesson and wrote scripies (scripture verses) and inspired questions, pictures and analogies in a chart so she had everything super organized and ready-made lesson templates, I guess, and I really want to do that on my mission to and keep an ongoing project and add to it.

5.       What has been the spiritual highlight of your week? We had an awesome devotional on Sunday from the director of the CCM about how we shouldn´t look back like Lot´s wife. It was so good. He talked about how we need to have faith in the future and never look back. 

6.       What has been the funniest thing that happened this week? Hermana H can do a lot of different voices and last night for our last district meeting she whipped one out and the elders had never heard her do them before. Elder J just about died. It reminded me of when mom and grandma and everybody gets going and starts crying and everybody laughs and nobody can stop. It was so funny. 

7.       What have you learned about yourself this week that you didn’t know before? I really just need to have more faith that the Lord will give me things to say.

8.       How have you seen the Lord bless you this week? Hermana W has been sick for the whole past week now and I´ve been praying that I won´t get sick and I´m still not:)

9.       If you could give any piece of advice to an incoming missionary, what would it be? SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE! Our district didn´t and I don´t feel like my Spanish improved much at all. 

10.   How many SD cards do you have? I can´t upload to Shutterfly on these computers because it´s blocked, but I probably will be able to in Honduras. I think I only have one other SD card. If you want to send me another you can, or I can buy one.

11.   Do you remember that your camera also takes video?  (hint, hint… I actually took a video of all of us missionaries singing "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again" on Sunday in the comedor--cafeteria--because it´s a tradition. 

12.   How is your reading in "Jesus the Christ" coming along? FINISHED! It´s so good and especially the end made me just really want to be alive for the Second Coming. 

13.   Who is your favorite character in the scriptures right now? Today, it´s Amulek. That´s where I am in the scriptures right now and he is just pretty awesome. 

14.   How did things end up with your investigators? Luis has a baptismal date. He is still trying to live the Word of Wisdom. And Juana... well, she´s less grumpy. But in real life she never got baptized. 

15.   Did you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same in the MTC? I don´t have a scale, but I don´t know. I don´t think I gained weight unless it was muscle since we worked out every day. I can do 2 sets of 30 push ups now and I´m pretty impressed. 

16.   What talent or skill have you discovered that you didn’t already know you had? I have a higher tolerance to eat weird food than I thought I did.

17.   Did you have to speak on your last Sunday in the MTC?  (If not, lucky duck!) YES!!! And President Pratt was there. Lucky me. I had to give a talk on the subject, "The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ". It was only like 5 minutes but still. And we sang. Hna C had the music for "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", so we sang that but with the words to "Joseph Smith´s First Prayer" but in Spanish and on the a capella section, we hummed and she recited the first vision...I don't know if that´s allowed, but we did it. it was really pretty:)

18.   How is the language coming along? Eh...I can speak more than I think I can, like I said though, our district hasn´t spoken the language much so I don't know.

19.   Do you know that I love you and I am SO proud of you?  Do you know that you’re in every prayer that is said in our home?  Aw:) You are in all of mine

20.   Who did your devotional this week and what was the subject?  What did you learn from it? Hey--I already talked about it!! It was way good though. He said Lot´s wife had more longing for the past than faith in the future and I really liked it. I think his name is Brother Kates. He talked a lot about giving up the little things, like songs in your head or, I don't know, whatever thing pulls you away from the work. Because this is the Lord´s time and it is so important to jump into the work with everything you have and to just let it carry you to places you could never imagine. 

Sorry that my grammar was so bad in this one...and it´s really short.  I feel like I don´t have much time. Next week I will be in HONDURAS!

Oh and we can´t call from the airport. In Provo you can, but Pres. Pratt said that we can´t. Sorry. I was quite looking forward to that. Oh and thanks for forwarding Johnny´s letter in my last package.

les quiero mucho!

Hermana Gisseman

We had in field training this week, too, which was just a bunch of workshops, but there was one meeting in Spanish and they gave all the English people headsets.  LOL

I'm going to Honduras!!!

Our District


 Our District with our teacher, Hermano H

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