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Week 54 -- Fun with My District

Computers in Honduras....the keyboard on the computer I was using quit working so I had to wait for another computer.

People here are so humble that they get so excited with second-hand and used toys and clothing.  I don't waste things anymore after seeing how very humble they are and how grateful they are for every little thing...the kids are so excited when they get little McDOnald's Happy Meal toys!

I'm sad to hear that A. doesn't work at Ann Taylor anymore.  But as long as B. and H. and B. are still there then I should be okay.  I am definitely planning to go back there to work.  It was a really good environment. But I think I might have to get two jobs because paying for college really scares me! 

Elder S told me about his Mom asking him to send pictures like the ones I send home.  Hahahaha   You should steal his pictures of the area and the church because I saw them and they are pretty good so feel free to look at those bcause we do share the area. 

Right now A is working in a call center. She quit her job as a teacher because they don't pay teachers here... like it takes months to pay them and she needed money. But M doesn't work at all. She just takes care of her family and us. 

1.  How was church yesterday?  Were any of your investigators there? 

Church was good... It was weird to think that I might be seeing these people for the last time. We didn't have any investigators there.. well, that's a lie. The 9 year old daughter of a menos activo (less active member) came. It was disappointing not to have any other investigators there. But we did have more menos activos come to church so that always makes me feel really good... that people I have come to love and that I have visited for a while are coming back. 

2.  How is S doing?  (that was a huge piñata at her son’s birthday party!!!) 

Well... they couldn't come to church again which worries me. And she's not as excited as she used to be (for lack of going to church and te situation with S) so that has me worried a little but but I still believe that she will get baptized but in time. She's so sweet, though, and I love her a lot! I just wish that she would realize that more bendiciones (blessings) would come if she got baptized now rather than waiting for 3 months....   

3.  How is J doing? 

Still haven't been able to find her. She was sick so we had to cancel our cita (appointment) with her... 

4.  Were you able to get out to see C and her family this week? 

YES! It was actually a really great visit and very inspired. We had to fast dinner to dinner yesterday instead of the norm here lunch to lunch because someone had given us dinner on Saturday. So we were about to go to Marcia's for dinner and it was like 6:30 and I just felt like we should go visit J and C before we went to eat just to see how they were. Turns out two people from the stake were there to visit with them, too, like super home teaching and the ward secretary. They talked about the temple and covenants and it was a great lesson. Turns out on Saturday C kind of got arrested... well, not really. A pregnant lady picked a fight with her and so they all got taken by the police, but she's fine and didn't do anything but she had to go with them anyway. So she was quite traumatized. But after the stake people went we just talked to them and made her laugh and she looked a lot happier. I truly feel like we were able to raise her spirits and make her feel better. And they invited us to eat dinner tonight.  :) I'm going to miss them.  I just feel so much love for them and I'm so glad we got to visit them yesterday. 

5.  What did you do for P-Day today?   

We had a water balloon fight again and played slaughterball and I talked with the elders lol. bot too exciting but I enjoyed it. We also went to to lunch at Pollazo.... they sell chicken and tajadas that were alright. Aand now we are here! 

6.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers? 

M washed my clothes. For the first time in a year, I gave someone else my clothes to wash. Maybe it's a pride thing but I always wash my clothes by hand because I don't want other people to touch my stuff and ruin my clothes or because I don't want to give work to someone else that I could do myself...I don't know.. but M washed my clothes and it was the best thing ever to just carry back a sack of clean, washed laundry that was folded and soft and smelled nice.. I got a little tearry eyed.  Haha. Oh, and my tooth started hurting me this week... but I went to M's and she gave me amoxicillin or something, I don't know, and it still hurt so I was worried and called Sister Dester and after hearing about dentists here I decided against going into the dentist and decided to rely on the Lord. Well, I prayed really hard and I woke up the next day and my tooth has been fine! And it hasn't bothered me since... so that was a miracle. 

7.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?  

We went to visit a menos activo that never comes to church and usually doesn't receive us but we had nothing, absolutely nothing, and it was a hard day. So out of desperation we went to visit her. And she actually received us! She has a pulperia (little store) which is why most of the time she doesn't let us in and she feels bad because she's always running back and forth tending customers. But she let us in and we had a lesson with her and she saw my bracelet and that it was kind of dirty and not really shiny anymore and she cleaned it for me. It was so sweet and she gave us Coke and donuts and it was just so nice after a really hard day. A true tender mercy, that she was home and that we were able to share with her and she with us. 

8.  How have you blessed someone else’s life this week? 

I don't know... Juana always says that our visits really help her and that we sing like MoTab (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) which is a lie, LOL, but she loves it when we sing for her. 

9.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

I'm not really sure.

10.  Did you have an English class again last week?  How did it go?  

It was really good!  We had only 4 this week, but they are the same people that come every week so we have solid students. We taught the basic verb "to like" and it took a little longer than we thought but it was good. E always comes, haha, but the elders are always there so there's nothing to worry about. And I really do like teaching. I was sad that this week was probably my last class with them!  They are all so cute! 

11.  What was the funniest/funnest thing that happened this week? 

A new investigator invited us to eat whre she works. So we went in the morning for baleadas and we got Pepsi  in glass bottles.... yeah, a fly flew into my Pepsi and I had only had like 2 sips!  And it died in there and I was so sad and it's rude to just leave a soda on the table that you didn't drink when its a gift so Hna N had to go pour it out on the ground for me, LOL, because she was on the outside but it was way funny. And the elders played volleyball with no net and with a bouncy ball.... it was funny. 

12.  What did you do for your district meeting and zone meeting this week?

tespacebardoestwork...icatfisseailrigtow  Wow, the keyboard didn't work and a grand fiasco here in the internet... UGH  had no spacebar, no H and no N and no Y.... those are very important letters, LOL... but our district meeting was sharing what we learned from conference and it was actually one of the most spirutual and reverent reuniones that we have had. 

13.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week? 

We really did have a good district meeting. The lesson with Johan and Chayla was really good, too. 

14.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? What did you decide to study now that you’ve finished Preach My Gospel? 

I started Jesus the Christ again because I don't have any other books to study. I'm working on the New Testament in Spanish still . But you should all do like what they said in conference and strengthen your testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Go read his account in the scriptures. That is what I did this week (well, in Spanish) but I could still feel the honesty of his words and that they jsut had to be true. I know that he was a prophet called of God. 

15.  Do you know that I love you and I miss you? 


16.  What was the best thing and the worst thing you ate this week? 

Crema from Copan...supposedly. It was gross and tasted like smelly feet. But last night we ate waffles with nutella! Yum! 

17.  You said you went on divisions with Hna L last week and said you learned a lot and that there are lots of things you can implement and work on.  One of those things, you said, was making every finding opportunity an opportunity to teach a lesson.  Were you able to work on that this week? 

Unfortunately no.... it was rainy this week and so it was really hard to find people.... 

18.  Your area looks pretty small – can you walk the entire area in a day? 

Yes, haha, you can walk it all in 20 minutes.  Its SOOOOOOO tiny! 

19.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week? 

The rain clouds were really pretty. 

20.  What has been your favorite experience from this area?  What memory will you treasure the most when you get transferred? 

I don't know if it's a memory but all the time we have been able to spend with Marcia and Juana and Andrea and their families. They truly feel like my family. When they aren't home I feel like there is something missing. I always look forward to talking to them and to seeing them. They just feel like family and when we come home at night there they are to ask us about our day. I will miss them so much. I have never loved anyone here in Honduras like I have come to love them.

Oh, my umbrella broke so I need a new one....It's been rainy. yay. 

Sorry this took so long! 

Hermana Gisseman

So there is a missionary tradition here to see who will say prayer....before we say prayer it's a rule, we put hands on the table in a thumbs up position and that last one has to say prayer but if you do it at the same time then it's noses... so it's jsut what we do as missionaries here


I love Hna Marcia!

You can see how thin my hair has gotten.  :-(  Less seems to be falling out now, so that is good.

Our "Happy One Year" Party last week

At General Conference last week

Some pictures of our area

Andrea trimmed the front of my hair again

The pulperia that is owned by a menos activo member

My Pepsi got a fly in it....

Josselyn gave me a gift.  She is SO sweet!

Honduran food


District Meeting Fun

She is just the cutest!

Plantain empanadas

Gotta rock my Demon Pride!

Water balloon fight today!

We made waffles with Nutella!

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