Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 51 -- The Castle and a Hermanas Meeting


1.  How was church yesterday? Did you have any investigators there?  What did you learn in church? 

Shuly and Santos came.  And this week we decided to visit a less active family every day to read scriptures with them and they came to church, too, so that made me really happy. They talked about the temple a lot at church since this Friday the whole ward is going. Which of  course made me miss the temple...but whatever... one day. 

2.  We are praying for things to work out for the best for Shuly and Santos, and praying that you will be able to find some new investigators.  How did things go this week with looking for new people to teach? 

Yeah.....well..... we walked A LOT this week. Like ridiculously a lot and we talked with more people than we have in our whole time together and came out with practically nothing. So that was really, really frustrating. So our mission leader is giving us antiguos (investigators?) from the elders. But we really just need some people! 

3.  How is J doing? 

J is doing well. She hasn't been home a ton this week.

4.  How is Z. doing? 

Z is doing well, too, but she also didn't come to church. She is very cute and very receptive in our lessons. She was reading in the Book of Mormon but we have to get her to come to church.

5.  What did you do for P-Day today? Did you make root beer floats last week with the ingredients you bought at the grocery store? 

Today we went to Omoa again the castillo (the castle) so I went there like a year ago in Camapa but we went again! So this time was fun because and I actually knew people and we hung out in a group and took a bunch of pictures so you can thank Elder Cuarte for being our photographer because you are getting like 60 pics today, lol.  We went to the castle and I bought 2 more shirts that can go in my blanket. Well, actually only one for my blanket, the other one I think I want to wear. So I will take pics of them or just send them home soon. We ended up not making root beer floats because we were full last week. So sometime this week we will, in fact, make root beer floats. We ate at Wendy's and now we are here! 

6.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers? 

Like I said, we were visiting this less active family and the father is a returned missionary and they are sealed in the temple and they have a cute little boy but he just doesn't want anything.  It's like everytime we go he is just blank. But we had a good cita (appointment) with them on Sunday and I said that we were willing to do anything to help them, even read scriptures with them every night of the week. I don't know...I just felt prompted to do that. And surprisingly they said sure! So we went with them every day of the week to read and it was like slowly he was getting more excited and opening up and on Sunday they did come to church and it was nice. He really did seem more excited. And they gave us dinner to thank us which was sweet. 

And also I got a (probably not allowed) call from Hna M this week!  It has been so long since I had been able to talk to her, but she called and we got to talk for a little bit and I got to see her this week at the reunion for sisters that we had. But she's just so cute and I love her so much and she's definitely one of those people who will be my best friend for life. 

7.  How has someone else blessed your life this week? 

We decided to make a recipe that Hna N has for a coconut cake. So we taught Marcia how to make it and it was DELICIOUS! So that was a big blessing because during a hard hard week you have to look for fun things to do to lift your spirits, so making a really yummy cake or cookies or something. So Marcia shared her kitchen with us and we made coconut cake and drank Pepsi and it was just really nice. 
8.  How have you blessed someone else’s life this week? 

I don't know... I don't know that I bless peoples lives that often. But I think that Shuly and Santos really appreciate us and the gospel that we are teaching them. They always make food for us and in a food centered culture it's a big sign of thanks that they are just giving and giving to us and they are just so cute so I think visiting them is blessing their lives. 
9.  What was the best thing that happened this week? 

We had a sisters' meeting in President Dester's house. It's such a nice house! Oh my goodness!  And it's been almost a year since I was there but it is soooo nice! I can't get over it, lol. But the hermana training leaders spoke and President spoke and the nurse spoke and it was nice. It was weird to be around just hermanas but whatever. LOL  I was so excited to see Hna V and Hna M.  :)  But it was realyl nice that they did somethin just for the sisters and we ate Quiznos sandwiches and real cake and it was sooo good!   I just felt nice to be in President Dester's house. 

10.  What was the funniest/funnest thing that happened this week? 

I don't really remember.. it was a hard week. 

11.  What did you do for your district meeting and zone meeting this week? 

The Traveling APs (assistants to the mission president) came to our zone and gave a capacitacion (lesson) on studying and how we can study more effectively. It was really really good. We had an activity and as a district we brainstormed together on how to answer questions that investigators might have only using the scriptures and I wish we did more of that because i really need to learn my Bible better, but I'm working on that.  It was really good. 

13.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week? 

The sisters meeting. 

14.  Have you seen anything unusual this week? 

Always...the problem is that its not unusual to me anymore. 

15.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? 

Well, I finally finished Ezekiel so one day I will finish the Old Testament!  I like the story of Martha and Mary in the New Testament where Martha was cleaning and Mary was jsut listening to Christ. I think that it really shows us what should be our main priority in life. It doesn't matter if the house isn't perfectly organized, what matters is if we are doing the things to bring us closer to Christ like prayers and scripture study and familoy home evening and such. But its a good example of how we really should put our priorities straight. 

16.  Do you know that I love you and I miss you? 


17.  You said the guy that makes the scripture covers brought a new kind of scripture cover that's really pretty -- what does it look like? 

I haven't gotten them yet so I will take a picture when I do.  They will be a soft, light leather 

18.  I'm so sad that Marcia's puppy died.  :-(  Do you think they'll get another one? 

I think so. Most peope have dogs here to protect their houses. 

19.  Do the people there have a good sense of humor?  Do they like to tell jokes?  Have you heard any good jokes there? 

Some of them do... mostly their sense of humor is making fun of I really haven't heard many good jokes.... 

20.  How did the meeting for the hermanas go at the Desters' house?  Were you able to go early and help Sister Dester prepare for it? 

It was really good. They talked about modestly and how we should not be so hard on ourselves. They did an activity thing where everyone has their eyes closed and they played the song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" on the piano and they read a script that talks about Christ.  We went early but she already had everything ready so she just explained to us how we were going to put the chairs up for lunch and that was it. 

21.  What was the best thing and the worst thing you ate this week? 

Quiznos sandwich and coconut cake! 

22.  Now that Grandma and Papa are officially missionaries, what advice do you have for them?  (I think they have already mastered the part about "loving your companion", LOL!) 

Well, their mission is completely different than mine, haha, so I have no idea and they are way wiser than me anyways...but just love your mission and don't take any day for granted because one day you will wake up and almost have a year!!!! 

I got a package from Christelle with a great coloring book and stuff -- thank you SO much!  

So for christmas, you could send me a dachshund stuffed animal and really I need mascara again and I want you to send a package to Marcia and Andrea.  They love kitchen things and Andrea's kids love toys.  I  just would rather give things to them than keep things for myself.

Sorry this email is absolutely terrible, but I got nothing exciting to tell...

Hermana Gisseman

With Sister Dester

With Hna M

Lovely tan lines....

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