Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 68 - 28 Lessons with Members Present!!!

It makes me a little sad, too, that the package you're getting ready to send to me is the last one.  We can send a package to Marcia when I get home. You can send Nutella and granola bars or whatever. But makeup is key right now because I dropped the one I had on the ground.... ugghhhhh.

1. How is Hna S doing?  How are the two of you getting along?  Are you feeling less stress about being a trainer and the responsibilities that entails?  

She's doing alright. We get along  well. She thinks that I have all the patience in the world... but I don't, LOL.  But I'm glad she thinks I'm patient. She struggles with Spanish..... I think that I am adjusting more to being a trainer, but it's still not easy at all... the Spanish thing is kind of hard. 

2.  How was your interview with Pres Dester? 

It went well. He says I'm doing great and to just finish strong. Nothing much... 

3.  Have you received any more packages? 

I got a package from Christelle (toys and stickers and two pairs of pajama pants) and from the Greene family (my favorite granola bars, chocolate and a few fun little Christmas things).  Thank you so much!!!!

4.  How are D and her family doing? 

They couldn't come to church because Hno F had a thing for work. And we couldn't visit them either because the day we were going to go they went to a birthday party in the ward. So... yeah, but they are so great! 

5.  How was church?  Did you have many investigators and less active members there?  Did you learn anything new? 

We didn't have any investigators at church this week. They are all sick...but it was good. There was a really good Relief Society lesson on prayer. I like that here in Relief Society they talk a lot and Latinas cry a lot, lol.

6.  How is Familia R? 

Their son was sick. So they couldn't come this week. But we had a family home evening sort of with Familia G and we all went over there and talked about families and it was really, really fun. The spirit was really strong and I think that it really helped Familia R. 

7.  What did you do for P-Day this week? 

We went and ate Chinese food. We cleaned the house and didn't do much... it's raining here and I hate it! So we were going to go to the beach but we couldn't... so Chinese food it was and then we went to American stores. I found other blankets!!!! I got them way cheaper, too, and so I was soooo happy. I got three.... another blue, a green, and a yellow and red one... or at least I think they will be for them... They were 500 for all three so it was a really, really good deal! I was so happy! But finding more tortilla towels is a little harder.. I haven't been able to find identical ones. Oh well. 

8.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers?

That members went out with us for visits and that our appointments haven't really fallen through this week!

9.  How has someone else blessed your life this week? 

A lot of members went out for visits with us this week! Gabriela, a menos activa (less active member), and Alexandra who used to be menos activa, and our mission leader, and Marquitos Galeas. It was a huge blessing! 

10.  Describe a time this week when you felt the Spirit. 

We went to visit Familia R with Familia G and they just talked about families and how much the gospel has blessed them. And all the kids shared something, too, and the spirit was really strong but it just made me miss home and my family.

11.  Did you have a favorite appointment or lesson this week, one that went really well and that you felt like the person you were teaching was really receptive to?

Well, last Sunday we read with Jane from Alma 36 and she looked a lot happier and more hopeful after that, like she really can be forgiven and come back.

12.  How are Hna M and her family doing?  Did her son go out with you like he was going to? 

He did go out with us... but it didn't go really well.  Hna M went out of town... so we haven't seen her this week... they didn't come to church this week but they came last week.  

13.  How have you served someone this week?  Made any tortillas lately or painted anything? 

We made tortillas with Hna D last night. 

14.  Have you been able to talk to a lot of people this week? 

We have been able to talk to more people... but that's always the struggle for me, to start talking to new people. But we are getting there.

15.  Did you e-mail Hna Butikofer yet?  

I didn't yet but I will right now.  Hno G wants to e-mail her but he's thinking really, really hard about what he is going to say.

16.  How did Hno G respond when you told him you had tracked down Hna Butikofer?  

He was way excited!

17.  What was the best thing happened this week? 

Getting 28 lessons with members present!!!!  For real, that was amazing! I feel so blessed. 

18.  What was the funnest/funniest thing that happened this week? 

Well, Hna S says some pretty funny things when she speaks in Spanish... so we have had some funny moments laughing together at her Spanish, lol.

19.  How are J and N doing? 

J was sick and that's why she couldn't come to church but she is doing well. We went last night to see her. But I really hope that she can come to church this Sunday. 

20.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week? 

Getting to go to the noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with Familia R and Familia G. I want to be with my famlily para siempre (forever). 

21.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? 

I was really into reading the Liahona this week and it talks a lot about marriage... I'm still nowhere near ready for that, lol. 

22.  Do you know that I love you and I miss you? 


23.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week? 

Well, it was reainy and gross this week so I really didn't appreciate wasnt very pretty. It was very muddy.

24.  Did you have any unusual experiences this week?

I ate a Honduran hot dog and I liked it.  Right now at the internet cafe they're playing "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses and I'm thinking about Daddy.

25. What has been your biggest challenge this week? 

Teaching Hna S Spanish.  We're working really hard at it.

26.  What are your goals for this week?

To continue to help Hna S with her Spanish... 

Is my BYU scholarship application finished? Do I need to do anything?

Just a question... do you and Daddy ever fight? I can't think of time that you ever fight so I was just wondering. 

I also got letters from Grace Clark and Jan Speroni and our family Christmas card.

Sorry this is short... I cut my finger this morning and it really hurts.  And no pictures this week -- this computer doesn't have a USB.  :-(

Love you! 

Hermana Gisseman

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