Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She made it!

The last few days have been busy with family and getting everything ready to leave.  We postponed packing until yesterday afternoon and it was a little stressful, but we were able to get all of her stuff packed within the luggage restrictions...a minor miracle, I think!  Of course, I forgot to pack her jacket so I'll need to mail that to her. Fortunately one of my jackets was in my parents' car this morning so she was able to take that with her.

We had a lovely meeting with the stake president last night and her setting apart was wonderful and incredibly touching.  Lots of tears, of course (a mother's prerogative!).  After a last-minute stop at the store for ice cream, chocolate croissants for breakfast, and ink pens, we came home and finished up the packing and spent some time together.

We had a very early morning this morning...up at 3:30 after a rather sleepless night (between a late night, excitement, and having colds, not many of us slept well last night).  We left for the airport at 4:10 am.  There was no traffic on the roads and we made good time, arriving at a practically empty airport a little after 4:30 am.  We were all exhausted but so excited and feeling rather emotional....We spent some time together before she had to leave to go through security.  *sob*

There were tears all around this morning, but she gave us the most beautiful farewell she headed down the escalators to security, she turned back and gave us a gorgeous, beaming smile and a perfect princess wave.  We are so proud of her!

We just got her first e-mail from the Mexico City MTC.  Since we didn't hear from her from the Dallas airport or the Mexico City airport, this e-mail absolutely brought joy to my heart and eased my anxiety.  Here it is:

I hope I sent this to the right email address, but just in case, I sent it to all 3 of mom's emails... I made it safely! I had good flights, window seats both times and nobody sat by me. There was a missionary on my flight out of Dallas so I wasn't by myself. A group of 4 of us got to the CCM (MTC) together. They are crazy drivers here though, like we went 90 down some unmarked roads...quite the way to start off my adventure. They haven't given me very good instructions here so I dont really know what I`m doing... oh well! 
Love you!!! 
Hermana Gisseman

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