Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 2

<This is Alyssa's Mom.  Once again, I sent her a list of questions to answer and so that's what she started her e-mail with this week.  Also, please note that there may be information or details in her letters that I omit on the blog for privacy reasons.>

1.  How are things going with your "investigator"? We finished things up with our other investigator and now they are our night teachers. We got 2 more and one of them is our day teacher and the other is one of our night teachers again. Our day teacher--Hermana Thomas--is playing a really mean investigator and it´s really hard to teach her. She doesn´t wnat to pray and she won´t keep her commitments. It´s hard to help someone's faith grow if they aren´t willing to put in any effort. Faith requires action. We haven´t taught the other one yet. Lessons are alright. 
2.  How are your classes going?  Are you still in beginning Spanish?  Classes are fine. I need so much patience to be able to deal with all of these beginner folk, but whatever. They never moved me up to intermediate and now it´s too late. I will just have to be more patient. I guess it´s good for me though since I don´t speak very well. I can just read.
3.  If I were to send you some clothes from ASOS, what do you want/need? I just want clothes lol. I think a patterned shirts or skirts and maybe a dress idk some more socks too...only like 2 pairs
4.  What is the funniest thing that has happened this week? Again, any moment that I spend with Hermana Brugman is just hilarious. I can´t even describe how funny she is, but she makes the CCM so much better
5.  What has been the best thing that has happened this week? I really enjoy the devotionals here. We watched a REALLY good one from Elder Holland last week and one from Elder Oaks this week. They are just such good speakers and all of us walk away wanting to be better missionaries.
6.  When you spend time planning, what exactly does that entail?  What are you planning? We write down our schedule for the next day and our homework. We can use that time to prep and plan lessons for our investigators too.
7.  Is the food still ok? Food is still good. Really different and weird but it´s good most days. Tuesday is pizza day and that´s my favorite lol
8.  How are your teachers?  How many teachers do you have? I have 3 teachers. In the morning is Hermana Thomas. In the evening is Hermano Hernandez and Hermana Valdez. Hermano Hernandez only speaks Spanish and not that much English so that is interesting. But Hermana Valdez is super amazing!
9.  What have you learned this week that you didn't know or understand before? I don´t really know... I´ve been reading Jesus the Christ as part of personal study and there is just so much more to understand and learn about the Savior. One of my goals is to have more charity for others and so I´m trying to learn how to develop that characteristic.
10.  Have you decided on a scripture for your mission plaque? Nope lol you can just pick one
11.  How has the weather been? Weather is still the same. It´s cold in the mornings but once the sun comes out, it is nice and warm and it feel so good! It´s dry here though which I really don´t like.
12.  Other than going to the temple, do you ever leave the MTC grounds? Never
13.  Have you thought of anything that you would like me to send in your Christmas package? Yes--more Crocs, watches, another nice journal becasue I will probably need a new one sometime, pens or pencils, chapsitck, grippie rubber bands..idk none of that is very exciting lol
15.  I know the MTC in Provo has weekly devotionals -- do you guys do that, too?  What are those like? Yeah, we actually watched their devotional live or we watch the same ones that have been recorded. Those are on Tuesday and as I mentioned are really awesome.
16.  Are you getting more acclimated to the elevation when you run?  We kind of stopped running...we go to the gym and work out instead.
17.  Do you know I love you? Yes:)
18.  Do you know how awesome you are? Sometimes
19.  What is the MTC store like? It´s really small but has lots of good Mexican food. Everything looks really expensive becasue it´s in pesos, but stuff is cheap. They pretty much have anything I would need, but not necessarily the brands that I would want.

Teaching is kind of hard. It would be so much easier in English. I  understand how to teach and what to teach, but I can´t teach in Spanish! Hopefully that will come though. I feel like I still rely too much on notes and I really need to focus moreon being guided by the Spirit.

I need to learn to be more patient and Christ-like. I jsut can´t put up with crap though.

The Latinas left our casa and as of right now my companion and I are all alone in our room. I can´t decide if that´s good or not... good I guess becasue we can just do out own thing.

I just love Hermana Valdez. We had a one-on-one meeting with her the other day and she just told me how I speak with so much power and how I will be such a good missionary. Since we had taught her, that made me feel really good! Obviously I still have lots to learn, but it´s reassuring to knwo that I at least have one thing going for me.

We had something called TRC yersterday. I don´t know what it stands for, but we taught a real person from Mexico! She was a memebr and didn´t need us to teach her anything becasue she was pretty much perfect. She was so cute and I understood most of what she said which is good. My companion and I and the trio taught her all together so that was interesting... but it was a really neat experience.

I´ve been trying to just work hard this week and it really went by soooo fast! I still can´t wait to leave! I wish that we could go see Mexico, but I understand that it is dangerous and they probably don´t want us roaming the city.

I got a card from Erin, Mom and a letter from Elder Poaletti. It looks like it takes exactly 2 weeks to get here. Still no packages. I would say just send those to Honduras so I might get them when I get there. I love getting mail here though and I actually have time to read it! Unlike emails which I have no time to read and answer. Sorry my answers today were short and my comments are really random. I can´t think of anything exciting to report.

Oh, my tongue turned black this week from Pepto Bismol and I forgot to take a picture. but it was really weird. lol!

Keep me updated on Opa.

Te amo,

Hermana Gisseman
-----And some pictures...again, I have no idea what these are of since she didn't send details!-----

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