Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 3

Okay to answer questions that were in the email but not part of 20 questions: There are crocs that I saw a girl wearing that I absolutely loved. They were cream ballet flats with a black cap toe...idk if that makes sense or if they even still make them, but I loved those. I took Pepto Bismol because the hot dogs here are apparently really sketchy and everyone was getting sick so I took some as a precaution. Days here go by slow but weeks go by so fast! I can´t believe I have been here for 3 weeks already!
I have gotten packages:) Last Thursday I got 2 packages: one from Andrea and cookies from Mom! I didn´t actually know I got 2 packages becasue they usually give out a slip of paper that says you have a package but Mom´s package notice came on an envelope and I didn´t think about it until Monday. so while I had a package, I didn´t pick it up til Monday because I didn´t know I had it. Thanks so much for the package, Andrea! It really made my day! I especially liked all of the cards inside written in Spanish! And I loved the chocolate:) I got my other package from Mom on..I don´t remember but it was a few days ago with my jacket! I am so grateful that came because it has been really cold this week because of a hurricane or something and I wore 2 jackets and slept with 3 blankets. I also got pictures from Aliscea and Alexa which were just so dang cute! I showed everyone in my district and they were jealous! I´m like the only one who gets mail. heehee I also have a package that is in Mexico City right now that I will get tomorrow. Apparently some packages go to the post office there... idk.

1.  Where are the people in your district from? Hermana C. (has the looong hair) is from Wisconsin--her dad is the missino president there. Hermana H. (the red head) is from Anchorage. Hermana W. (my companion with blondish hair) is from Snowflake Arizona. Hermana B. (dark hair) is from Phoenix. Elder S. is from California. Elder J. is from Utah (I don´t remember where) and so is Elder B. Elder E. is from Idaho.

2.  What have you been doing during your exercise time?  Do you need more exercise routines to be sent to you? We have been going to the small work out room that they have here. There are ellipticals and bikes and a few weights. There is a track here but it´s gravel and really not pleasant. Plus someone said we are at like 7000 feet elevation and running is just not fun. I´m more used to it now, but the first time we ran I felt  like I was going to die on a mile! And the air is really dry. A lot of people play volleyball, but I´m not really a team sports kind of person. I would love it if you sent me more workouts! If you could get ones that aren´t off of my Pinterest page that would be good and if you could print them and cut them out. We have access to a printer here, but you have to pay for paper and I dón´t have scissors anyway.

3.  Have you worn your dachshund necklace yet?  I have worn my dachshund necklace and it´s just so cute! I have a pic of me in my dachshund pjs for you too lol.

4.  Have more hermanas moved into your casa?  (And are you impressed that I used two Spanish words in the same sentence?  LOL)  We didn´t get anymore hermanas in our casa--THANK GOODNESS! It´s so nice and quiet and we can get ready at the same time in different bathrooms which is nice!

5.  Have you sung any hymns from the Spanish hymnal that aren't in the English hymnal?  Have you had a chance to play the piano? I actually had to play the piano on Sunday... and that was interesting. One was "Ï´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go". I don´t remember the other two, but I had never played any of those for people and I messed up A TON! But I made it through which is really what counts. I just was really wishing I had taken more piano...but oh well. We haven´t sung any Spanish only hymns yet.

6.  Are you going/did you go to the temple this P-Day?  If so, how was it? We went to the temple today and it was really good. I understood more which was great. It was cold though so we didn´t take many pictures. I hate the bus rides though....they´re pretty rough. Drivers here are crazy and the roads aren´t very good and I didn´t want to take Dramamine because last time I almost fell asleep during the session anyway without it because it was so hot in there!

7.  How is the language coming along? It´s coming. I know so much grammar and I just don´t know how to use it, but at least I know it and can understand. Each day is better. We realized though that our district only speaks 5% in Spanish so we really need to start speaking more...

8.  What is the most inspirational thing that has happened this week? We had an activity where everyone was given a question or a doubt. We were paired up and 1 person was a missionary teaching about the doctrine of Christ and the other would be the investigator with that question. Our teacher wanted us to focus on teaching by the Spirit to be able to focus on and teach to that person´s question. So while I was teaching I remembered a verse I had read during personal study about the Holy Ghost and just went with it and it was totally what Elder S. as an investigator needed. His question was how can I strengthen my family and answer on his paper was the Holy Ghost. I just thought that was really neat. Also we had a live devotional this week. Elder Lester Johnson from the Seventy spoke to us and that was neat.

9.  How are things going with your "investigators"? Pretty good. Juana prayed for the first time in our lesson yesterday and she hasn´t prayed for anyone else so that´s progress. Luis just has a lot of questions..and we are still working on being able to get through a lesson with him.

10.  What is the funniest/funnest thing that happened this week?  The most enlightening thing?  Idk... Hermano H., our teacher who doesn´t speak English, is just really funny and makes faces all the time or just laughs to himself and it´s just funny. He raced our other teacher last night because he said his way was faster and it was just so funny. Idk

11.  Who was your devotional by this week and what was it about?  What did you learn from it? Hey I just answered that sort of. He talked about how as missinoaries we should always be happy and cheerful. And also that we should really work to strengthen wards and to work with them.

12.  Are you able to sleep well? Eh...apparently there is some festival going on and there are always canons going off which is really loud and annoying but I have earplugs and my sleep mask so I'm fine. It was really cold the past 2 nights and I didn´t sleep that well, but whatever.

13.  How are you feeling in terms of your health?  Do you have enough medicine or access to medicine? I´m fine! They gave me a refill on my Ampicillin, but they only gave me 10 pills which was lame. Apparently they don´t like giving to people either.

14.  What has the weather been like this week? COLD and RAINY! Two of my least favorite things.

15.  What is your favorite scripture that you've read this week? I don´t know... there are too many good ones. And I don´t have my scriptures in front of me to pick one.

16.  What other TV shows am I supposed to be updating you on? lol You don´t have to update me on all of them, then I will have some surprises when I get home.

17.  Did you know that Honey Boo Boo moved to Warner Robins this week?  She's living in Stathams Landing.  True story -- really! That´s crazy! That´s where Morgan lives! Warner Robins is getting more famous all the time.

18.  Do you know that we love you and are incredibly proud of you? Yes:)

19.  What have you learned about yourself that you maybe didn't know/realize before? I really need external motivation. During language study after I finish my homework I jsut don´t even know what to do with myself because I don´t know what to study. lol

20.  What advice do you have for us as we try to be better member missionaries? No idea. I will let you know when I actually feel like missionary. lol

In other news, If you could send me my black and white striped Ann Tayloy shirt or my navy striped Old Navy t-shirt I would greatly appreciate it. I need more patterned shirts that I can wear with everything. Things you can send me for Christmas: nail polish, Neosporin, a case for my planner if you can find one--I saw a teacher that had one--pencils with a twisty eraser becasue I use the erasers really fast and dry shampoo...maybe idk if it will do me any good anyway lol.

It´s really neat to be here at the CCM. It doesn´t feel like Mexico until we leave the campus, but it´s still really neat. Sorry I don´t ahve time to email everyone. I love getting mail though and I always have time to read that.

te amo,

Hermana Gisseman

 She's just a little partial to dachshunds.....cute pajamas!

 Alyssa loves getting mail -- keep it coming!

 Yeah, it rained a little....

 A Mickey Mouse rice krispy treat makes any day a great day!


These last two pictures are for Daddy and Mr. K:  So... we played baseball today and I was a pinch runner for Hermana B. since she sprained her ankle yesterday and I got a little competitive and stole 3rd and slid... They should be proud.

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