Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 71 -- Feeling God's Love for People

Tell the Spanish elers that I will be HAPPY to go out with them!!! I am so excited to keep my Spanish up after the mission.

1.  How are Melissa, Amy, and Hna B doing?  Is Melissa going back to BYU this summer or is she waiting until fall? 

Wellm Melissa is home now... that's weird. She's at BYU, I think... yeah, I'm pretty sure. And Amy is still on the mission in Spain. she's a sister training leader, too, just like Melissa was... I'm just lame and never got that promotion. LOL  Hna B is ready to go home. She's been teaching in English her whole mission until now, haha, but I think she's doing alright. 

2. How is Hna S doing?  Is her Spanish improving?  Has she started speaking more? 

Her Spanish is really improving. This week she has made the effort to only speak in Spanish in the street and I think that it has really, really helped. I was so proud yesterday because an investigator asked her questions and she answered them! And I notice that she is more willing to jump in and say things which makes me happy. 

3.  How are D and her family doing?  

Well, they still need prayers. We met with her son this week and he remembers a ton of what we teach him and is just so cute! So we are prepping him for the 28th to get baptized. I hope that all goes well there. But the family...they continue to need prayers. I know that Hno F will decide to get married someday and I really, really hope that it is while I am here... but we shall see. 

4.  How was church yesterday?  Did you have many investigators and less active members there?  Did you learn anything new? 

We had 1 investigator (D) and we had 5 menos activos (less active members). Hno Cristobal came to church again with his two daughters which makes us so happy! But nothing new... well, we went to ward council since we don't have a mission leader anymore. Oh, and 2 members from my ward in La Victoria moved out here so they are in this ward now which is weird and cool!! 

5.  How is Familia R?  

They are doing well. I just love that family. They fed us dinner this week. They really need lots of help and have a long way to go before they can get divorced and do all the necessary preparation but they just love our visits and have such a sweet spirit in their home. Another one that I know will get baptized in the future, just not while I'm here. 

6.  What did you do for P-Day this week?  

We went out to the zoo and beach place that I went to a long time ago when I was in La Victoria. It was more fun this time with the zone, I guess since I knew people this time and wasn't brand new. We got there late and got back late and that's why I'm on late, lol, but it was fun and we ate there on the beach and it was nice. 

7.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers? 

Well, a member was going to leave with us on Saturday and on Sunday... but the member backed out both days... but both of those days we were able to find another member to leave with us who is an former missionary and super pilas. So that was a tender mercy for sure because he just happened to cross our path and wasn't doing anything so he could leave with us! 

8.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?  

I just love Familia G always.  I also did get a lot of mail this week! A lot from Christmas, lol, but I heard from Sis Peacock, Sis Blunk, Kayla and Jordan, Oma, Bishop Clark, Melissa and the girls, and I got 2 cards from you. I'm assuming these will be some of my last letters soI was really excited

9.  What other members have you spent time with this week?  Have other members been going out with you? 

We just had G, the former misisonary leave with us. But we spent time with Familia G on Saturday because we made cookies with them and I just love that family. They are so sweet to us! 

10.  Have you been able to meet with Y again? 

No... I'm a little concerned that she doesn't want us to visit her... 

11.  How are Hna M and her family doing?  

Well, the kids came to church but she didn't. The stepson who we are teaching doesn't really want anything to do with the church.... other than that they are doing alright. 

12.  You said that people are starting school again -- what is the school calendar like there?

School here is February to the end of November or December. So it's really weird, lol. 

13.  Have you been able to talk to a lot of people this week?  

Not really... Hna S was sick one day and we went to San Pedro one day so that she could get x-rays of her back. She broke it a few years ago and never went to the doctor so it healed wrong and now she has medicine that she is taking. But because of that we only really had 5 days of teaching and there were some rainy not that I'm putting excuses, but it was harder to talk to a lot of people this week. But Hna S is getting better at contacting people which takes some of the load off of me.

14.  What was the best thing happened this week? 

We had to go into San Pedro, like I said, and Hna Milller is the nurse's companion and so I got to spend a good while with Hna M and I just miss her so much but it made me feel so much better. And we got to eat at a Subway which was yummy. 

15  What do you love most about Honduras? 

I love that it is just so beautiful. There are mountains and it's all green and colorful and the beach...well, even though it's dirty it's just pretty. And everything just feels peaceful like it's a slower pace of life and people appreciate the things that they have more. It's just so pretty here.

16.  Who else are you teaching right now and what can we pray for for the people you're working with? 

Well, really our focus is Familia M and Familia R... we have a few others that we have but they just aren't progressing like we would like and we really, really need to find new people... so you can pray that we can find new people. 

17.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week? 

This week several of the people we were teaching or that we contacted just flat out rejected us and it makes me really sad. But I remember that we were in a cita (appoitment) and the whole time i just felt the Spirit so strongly even though the hermano was talking a ton and it had nothing to do with the lesson and then at the end he told us he didn't want us to come back.. but I just felt so much love for these people. I am sure that the Spirit was there helping me to feel God's love for them. So even though we got flat out rejected many times, I still just love them all. 

18.  What did you learn from your personal study this week? 

I finished the New Testament this week in Spanish so I am starting the Book of Mormon in Spanish again.

19  Do you know that I love you and I miss you? 

Always. And I'm almost home. 

20.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week? 

We went on a longer bus ride to get to the zoo place today and it reminded me a little of Copan with the mountains and it was just so pretty. I'm going to be so sad to leave this place. 

21.  Did you have any unusual experiences this week? 

I got bit by a dog... it's not bad so don't worry, lol, and it had its shots and eveything. It didn't even leave a hole in my skirt and I didn't bleed that much. It's mainly just a bruise. But it was a member's dog who was on a leash and they think that he thought I was playing or something and jumped and the owner didn't have him as firm as he thought, I guessed, and he got me.... fun stuff. 

22. What has been your biggest challenge this week? 

Trying not to think about home... 

23.  What are your goals for this week? 

To not be so stressed out. To compliment my companion and other missionaries more and to try to enjoy every moment. 

24.  Transfers are next week.  Do you think either you or Hna S will be transferred? 

I honestly don't think that we will have transfers but you never know. 

I figured out what I want to eat when I get home... I want the bbq roast on the grill that Papa makes. Well, I think that Daddy makes it too, lol, and I want mashed potatoes and rolls and some of those oatmeal craisin cookies that we buy premade at the store. That's all. 

I love you so much! 

Hermana Gisseman

Familia G

Hna Yeni G and her kids

At Subway

Cooking with Familia G

At the zoo

With Elder Martinez

Say cheese!!

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