Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 73 -- So busy!!!!

1.  How was this week?  Did anything unusual or exciting happen?  Did you or Hna S have changes? 

Well... they closed our area. But we stayed here. They took out a set of elders so we aren't Centro 3 anymore, we are Centro 2 and now we have about double the work and double the area. So it was quite shocking! But we got some new really pilas investigators. But we are still here together with two elders. It has definitely been interesting. I don't think President Dester will leave hermanas here for much longer, though... not with the division like the way it is. We had to divide up the area really weird because of a few dangerous colonias (neighborhoods)... don't worry -- we have all the safe parts.  It's just not very efficient. But we are just working a ton!

2.  How is Hna S doing?  Is she continuing to help out in contacts and in lessons? 

She is struggling. She feels like shes not realyl doing anything... I know that all gringos pass through this and it's just something we have to go through... It makes me sad and I hope I'm doing everything that I can to help her. 

3.  Were you able to talk to a lot of people this week? 

Yeah, we were able to talk to lots of people! But it was raining this week so that put a damper on things a little but. I hate rain and we can't really contact much when it's raining because there are no people out.

4.  How are D and her family doing? Is their son still planning to get baptized this weekend?

YES! They are doing a lot better this week.  :) We are going to have the baptism this Saturday! woohoo! And I was so worried because this Sunday they weren't at the first hour of church and it's kind of important that he was there the Sunday before his baptism... but they came to the classes afterward so I felt better.

5.  How was church yesterday?  Did you have many investigators and less active members there?  Did you learn anything new?  

We had an investigator that was passed onto us by the elders who looks super pilas! He has come to church two times and hasn't even gotten a visit from any set of missionaries. The elders just knew him.

6.  How is Familia R? 

Hno R has a taxi but only for 2 weeks. Hna Maria got her contract renewed so she is still working which is great. But Hno R got sick this week and so they couldn't come to church. We put a date with the kids to get baptized but they don't look too sure so we will see what they think with more preparation and such. But I hope that they can get baptized.

7.  What did you do for P-Day this week?  

We went to the beach with the elders from our ward and played some card games and then we went to Subway (finally something different than Pizza Hut!).  And we went to do a little bit of shopping... I'm looking for a hoodie thing for Brie but I saw one that I loved but it was too big and so they are going to look in San Pedro but I'm sad that I might not be able to get one... but I got a hat for Daddy and a jersey shirt, but only had white and not blue but whatever. 

8.  What miracles and tender mercies have you seen this week?  Answers to your prayers?

Well, one day it was raining... and I hate rain and I only have my old broken umbrella and a rain poncho and I hate rain. So we were walking home from lunch and an old investigator saw us and offered me his umbrella and I took him up on the offer and I was so much happier that day!

9.  How has someone else blessed your life this week?   

The power went out yesterday and we have an electric stove, right... so we had NOTHING to cook on.  And we didn't have bread to make sandwiches... so Hna Doris was worried about us and invited us to eat with them since they have a gas stove. It was a miracle because on Sundays it's not like we can just go buy something to eat.

10.  Did you get any mail this week? 

I got 2 packages from you. The ruta didn't come. People just brought me back my stuff from the changes.

11.  What other members have you spent time with this week?  

There is a recent convert who knows the area of the elders so he left with us so that we could get to know it and not get lost. He's actually really pilas and loves going out with the missionaries and he wants to serve a mission and it's really cool. His name is Dony. And Grorvin, the one who speaks English, left with us 2 days as well.

12.  How are Hna M and her family doing?  

They are doing alright. They have 3 Sundays of coming to church now which is progress. I think that it has helped a lot that school is in and now they are back into a routine.

13.  How have you served someone this week? 

We were able to help some guy on the side of the road dig a little trench thing so that he could run a water pipe. And I do have pictures of that, lol, so I will send them.  It was way fun, but I am terrible with manual labor. It was really cool, too, because we were helping and Dony was with us and was helping and another guy who I had contacted before stopped on his bike and helped us, too, so it was really neat.

14.  What was the best thing happened this week? 

I think more than anything just having a ton of work. I love working. Yeah, it's stressful sometimes, but I just love having work to do. I hate having free time, lol, so I love that the whole week and the good part of next week are jam packed!

15.  What was the funnest/funniest thing that happened this week?  

I don't really know... we went to make cookies again with Familia Galeas and I just love that family. They make me laugh and they love us coming over, too.  I always laugh a lot when I'm with them.

16.  What was the spiritual highlight of your week? 

I really really enjoyed the lesson from Sunday.  In Relief Society they talked about the talk from Pres Uchtdorf, "Is it I, Lord?" and I LOVE that talk and it just make me think about companionships, too. In companionships we have things that aren't perfect and I can't point out and say what other people do wrong or even think it, if I'm not doing things right myself, and even if I am, I have my own weaknesses to worry about so really it doesn't even matter.  I think  I would have been so much happier if I had spent less time worrying about what other people were doing and what they were thinking of me and just focused on me and what I was doing.

17.  Do you know that I love you and I miss you? 

Always.  :)  But guess what... the bracelet you gave me broke this snapped right in two pieces and I was super, super sad... I have a tan line there to remind me of it... I really wanted it to last my whole mission but it didn't.

18.  What was the most beautiful thing you saw this week? 

The sun.  :)  I love the sun and the heat and the beach, lol.

19.  What was the best thing you ate this week? 

A Subway sandwich

20. What has been your biggest challenge this week? 

I think just having so much more area and responsibility and a ton of stuff to do and area to cover. But it's been good because it keeps me busy and working hard.

21.  What was your biggest personal success/triumph this week? 

Well... the water went out for two days this week and I felt like I was in Copan again and I realized that I had to go through so much when I was there. But when I was going through it, it was just normal.  I don' know..I didn't think too much about it. But now I realize that I have done so many incredible things on my mission that I never thought Ii would be able to do.

22.  What are your goals for this week?

To get to know more of our new area... to be happy, and to try and have fun. I think I am too serious and even more so right now while I am training because it's stressful.

23.  Tell me about a time you felt really happy this week. 

I think just being with Familia Galeas. Their house feels like a home. And they make me smile and I feel their love. And they are so willing to do whatever they can for us. So I am just happy to know them and to spend this time with them.

Oh, and can you send me my "The Things They Carried Speech."  I'm thinking about doing that for my last email.
Thanks for everything!

Hermana Gisseman

Digging a trench


My bracelet broke  :-(

But I have a tan line to remember it by....

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